Why an Outdated Social Media Page is Hurting Your Business

Seattle Social Media Service  Organized Social MediaAs a business owner, I network a lot. In addition to growing my business, I love meeting new people and learning about how they run their businesses.

After attending a networking event, I often follow up with the people I met. If I’m very interested in their business or services, I visit their website and make an effort to “Like” them on Facebook.

The same thing always seems to happen: I get to their Facebook page, “Like” it, only to see that they uploaded their cover photo over a year ago and have one or two posts. Or, they posted consistently for a week–but the last post is over six months old.

I know people are busy–heck, I am busy! But seeing something like this give me a couple of impressions that I want to share.

You don’t value your business.  know that this isn’t true, of course–I meet so many people that clearly value their business. However, internet marketing is a form of marketing that stays around until you get rid of it–and is searchable to people. How much do you value your business if you aren’t upholding a positive, up-to-date online-persona?

You’re flaky. Social media is a thing that you can’t balance–or have the sense to hire someone to do for you. If you can’t keep up with something that takes just minutes a day, how do you keep up with your clients?

Social Media just isn’t important to you. I think this is valid–fine! But seriously, if it’s not, don’t even start a page. Getting the page up with no or outdated information sends that message–and sends the message to people that you don’tt finish (or continue) what you start.

But have no fear! Home Key’s Organized Social Media can help you get everything up and going once more–and write up-to-date, fun and entertaining content for your followers.

Please call us at (877) 204-5391 to discuss social media options for your business.

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