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Want More Likes and Followers on Social Media For Your Small Business? Do this FIRST

There are many ways to get more “Likes” and followers to your pages. However, sometimes the simplest ones are overlooked. Here are four extremely simple things that you should do to get your page seen by your clients, colleagues and friends.

1. Make an email signature with your social media links.

Seems like a no-brainer, but if it was that obvious, more people would be doing it, right?

Here is an example of my email signature. There are a lot of things that I love about it–a photo, so people can remember my face and link it with my name, for example. But, it also has extremely cute icons that link to each and every one of my social media pages.

Home Key: Organized Social Media

This also will save you time when you want to send people to your pages, but don’t want to type them all out. “You can visit my social media pages by clicking the icons below.”

If you are not able to get super-technical with icons, you can still do at least a hyperlink that says something like “Please click to ‘Like’ Home Key Organization on Facebook!” Better than nothing, I say!

2. Put icons on your website that link to your social media pages.

Again, this seems like a no-brainer, but how many websites have you been to that don’t have this? Yeah. Easy, quick–DO IT!

3. “Share” your business page on your personal page and ask your friends to “Like” and “Share” it.

How to Get More Likes for your business on Facebook

Do this consistently–every 3 months is good and people don’t usually get annoyed. By posting it consistently, people who missed some of the original posts will get it the second (and third) time around. (screen shot from my FB Page)

4. Cross-advertise

For the clients that I do scheduled posting for, I make sure that I post to LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ once a month encouraging people to “Like” the business on Facebook. Often, there are different audiences for each page, so doing this can help. Alternately, I’ll post a LinkedIn link to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ encouraging people to connect on there. You get the point.

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