Need more followers on social media?  Make sure to let your contacts know that you're there!

Sample Letter For Your Contacts


I’ve found lately that a lot of my clients are frustrated that they don’t have “likes” on Facebook or followers on Twitter.

This iscommon problem that I’ve talked about a little bit before, but wanted to give you something a little more concrete today.

I’ve drafted a letter for you to send out to business contacts letting them know where you are and how they can like you.

If you end up using this letter, make sure you tell me how it goes!


Dear friends, family and colleagues,

I have recently started a variety of social media pages for my business, [Name of Your Business]. I would very much appreciate if you could connect with me on the social media platforms that you use.

Please “Like” my Facebook Page here: ([yourbusinessurl])

Follow [Your Buisness Name] on Twitter: ([yourbusinesstwittername])

Follow [Your Business Name] on Google+: ([yourbusinessurl])

Follow [Your Business Name] on Pinterest: ([yourbusinessurl])

Thank you,

[Your Name]

[Your Business]

[Your fancy signature with all your social media icons in it]

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