How to use traditional outreach methods to build your social media following

Reaching Out

I’ve been doing some outreach work for a friend for a documentary that she’s working on.  There’s lots of different ways to reach out and make connections so that you and your business can benefit.

I love using traditional ways of outreach to enhance your social media.  Here’s some of my favorite strategies.


Use print.  Why not reach out via a written letter, postcard or flyer?  People still read these, and you can plant them in your favorite coffee shop or send out to a client.  In regards to social media:  include a link to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page and ask them to stay in touch via those networks.  


Email.  We’re on email all the time anyway:  questioning, following up, getting to know each other.  Email has been around since the beginning of the internet–and it hasn’t died!  I love that email is here to stay.  In regards to social media:  I’ve had people complain to me that people don’t “Like” their Facebook page.  My response:  have you told people about it?  Use email to reach out to contacts, include your links and encourage them to connect with you on social media.  Even better – put your links in your email signature and reference it in emails (“I’d love to connect with you on social media – visit my profiles in the links below!”)  


In Person Meetings.  We talk to each other all the time in person–and people have their phones on them all the time.  In regards to social media:  Next time someone pulls their phone out at an in-person meeting, ask them:  “Hey, while you have your phone out, would you mind following me on Twitter?  I can do the same.  It’s a great way to keep in touch!”  


Public Speaking.  I do a lot of presentations and public speaking.  It’s great connecting with new people, but sometimes they don’t respond to an email or phone follow up.  In regards to social media:  Make sure at the end of the presentation that people know where to find you on social media.  You can even encourage the group to get their phone out at the end and “Like” your page right there and then!  


Networking Groups.  If you’re in a group like BNI or Le Tip, you have  an opportunity to do a short “elevator pitch” every week.  It’s a great way to stay consistent.  In regards to social media:  every month or so, use your elevator pitch to encourage people to “Like” you on social media.  


Do you have any great ideas?  Share them in the comments–or better yet, connect with Home Key:  Organized Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and tell me what you think that way.  Links are on the side bar to the right.  (See what I did there?! :)  

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