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Ten Quick Tips To Make Your Social Media More Productive

I wanted to share this post with all of you – written by my mentor, Erica Duran.

In this post she shares easy ways to get your social media done.  What’s cool is that a lot of these processes can be applied to many things in life, not just social media!

Here’s an excerpt:

Social Media turned out to be a great way to connect with clients and build relationships at little to no cost.  And, it finally sunk in that this medium was not going to go away.

So, like everything else in my life, I dove in and learned everything I could about social media.  Then, I tried to make a productive system to conquer the social media beast for myself and my clients.

There is a fine line between getting the best results per hour for your social media efforts.  In other words, you could quite literally spend all day on social media and still never have the perfect formula or number of retweets.

So, what I teach in workshops and one-to-one coaching is how to get the most benefit out of social media without spending a lot of time on it.  You are an entrepreneur, you have so many other things you could be doing in your business.  But, social media is now something that you just can’t ignore so it is best to learn some simple ways to make it less of a burden.


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