Go Steady with Social Media

I cannot tell you how many people spend time worrying about their social media.

Do they have enough likes? Did that post get enough interaction? Why didn’t that post get any comments? Did I say the right thing? What is my strategy? Am I addressing my strategy well enough? Should I be going bigger?

Here’s the thing: none of these things really matter if you are not putting steady action toward the bare minimum of social media: consistent posting.

I have seen people time and time again obsess over what to post – only to get scared of posting at all and not do it.

I’ve also seen people become fixated on creating the perfect Facebook ad campaign – but then not posting steadily to their page with other significant updates.

I always like to compare it to weight loss. A lot of times people don’t get healthy or lose weight because they fail to do one thing consistently – they’re always looking for the next easy thing to do, and they jump around strategy wise. However, if a person exercises and eats well consistently, they will have results over time.

The same is with social media – you can’t give up if you don’t have massive growth the first couple of times you post. It takes time to achieve things – and building on the simple act of posting and interacting is what will make the difference.

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