Organize Your Email Inbox with Sanebox

I don’t recommend products very often.

Why not?

Because I meet so many people who are always hunting down the next best things when it comes to online tools. They spend so much time doing this that they don’t actually get any work done.

When I recommend products, I make sure it’s something that I’ve used a lot – something that’s tried and true.

That’s where this recommendation comes in.

I have been using Sanebox for a year. Basically, it filters unimportant emails into a second inbox for you to read at another time (It’s called the “SaneLater” folder.)

With the SaneLater folder, you don’t have to look at unimportant emails right away – the just hang out in there until you can get to them!

What if you don’t want something to go to the SaneLater folder? Just tag it to make sure it makes it into your regular inbox!

SaneBox isn’t free – but it is affordable. For just $5 a month, you can take advantage of less inbox clutter.

Click here to sign up!*


*Note: This is an affiliate link. If you sign up, I get credit toward my SaneBox account.

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