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Grow Your Following on Twitter

One of things I do for clients is to help them gain more followers on Twitter.

There’s a specific way to do this. I use a program called Manage Flitter to follow Twitter users who may be interested in your brand or business, based on what they are talking about on Twitter or who they are following.

In the past year, I have been working with Penelope Bell of Thriving Your Practice. She has been a long-time business owner, but is just getting Thriving Your Practice started up.

Thriving Your Practice is focused on community, education and connection for healing arts professionals (acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, energy workers, etc.) Specializing in both in-person groups and teleclasses, Penelope wants to have her message reach far and wide so that practitioners all over the world can unite and support each other.

To help support Thriving Your Practice, Penelope and I got started with the basic social media package, so that her pages are always up to date. She adds some updates herself, but if she gets too busy, she doesn’t have to worry – her updates are on autopilot.

After establishing a personalized update schedule, I began to build her Twitter following. I made sure to target followers in the healing arts, such as the professions listed above. I also found businesses that offer services that appeal to healing arts professionals and connected with them and their followers.

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It’s been about fourteen months now, and Thriving Your Practice is going strong with over 2,000 Twitter followers. In the future, Thriving Your Practice will offer online courses and support – and you can bet that a good portion of those 2,000 will be excited to join.

If you’re interested in Twitter recruitment for your own business, be sure to visit our “shop” page to check out pricing and details!

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