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Setting Up Systems for Social Media Interactions

Social Media Tip

Many of my clients as me if I include responding to client inquiries via social media in my service offerings. While it is something that I offer, for many businesses it makes more sense for them to do this service on their own.

Why? A couple of different reasons:

As the business owner, you are more qualified to respond to client inquires than I am. That’s just the gist of it – you know your business better than I do.

It’s pricey. I charge $75 per hour and usually would charge for 1 hour per week to respond. That’s $300 per month – and honestly, most small businesses really don’t get THAT much action, especially in the first few  years.

It’s easy to stay on top of yourself. This is where I tell you how.

Here are a couple of different things that I use to stay on top of who is interacting with me on social media:

1. Email Notifications

Especially on Twitter! I make sure I know when someone is tweeting at me or sends me a direct message. You can change these settings in each platform’s settings.

2. The Facebook “Pages” App

This sends a notification to my phone every time a new person comments or sends a message

3. Logging in weekly

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but I make sure I check in with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn once per week. This is also a good time to go over any new Yelp or Google+ reviews.

Do you have any great social media check-in tools that you recommend?

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