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Case Study: Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration

Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration is not one of my typical social media clients. In fact, they are pretty atypical when it comes to the kind of work I normally do (the “Basic Package” being my top-selling package.)

However, I was thrilled when I got connected with them through Itex, a local barter company. They were looking to improve their presence specifically on Yelp, so we got together to see how my work through social media, organizing and online presence work could help them spruce up their internet persona.

I have worked with Wright Way on a consulting basis for around two years. We generally do two hours of consulting per month, though at the beginning of our work together we would sometimes get together more frequently.

Working together we focused on these things:

Systems:  Education and Follow Up

Education-wise, we made sure that the client was educated about what Wright Way does and what to expect from them so that they had realistic expectations. In the case of water damage/mold remediation, emotions can run high, so the more information the client could get up front, the better so that they could gain some clairty around what to expect when going through the many facets of the remediation and rebuild process.

When it comes to follow up, wecame up with a follow up tracking system so that Wright Way could reach out to customers to get feedback and subsequently, reviews. More recently they have further systemetized this process through the use of Reputation Igniter, making it even more efficient than before.


Social Media: Facebook and Google+/Google My Business

I didn’t want to get Wright Way set up with a bunch of social media that they couldn’t manage, however, having a bit of a presence is good for customers who are researching as well as for SEO. We created a Facebook page and scheduled updates for it once per week through Hootsuite. These updates also went to their Google+ Page, which we made sure had the correct address (they have previously moved and Google couldn’t get it together and get the address updated – this was a process!) as well as the right keywords.


A New Website

I hate selling my clients on things that they don’t need. While Wright Way had a great website, it was just too old to provide the tools that websites today need. They got it completely redone, complete with professional pictures, documents (for client education!), contact information and a sign up for email marketing, among other things. After we got the intial new website up and running, we decided to get it transfered to WordPress so that they could full utilize top-of-the-line SEO services from Geoff at Seattle Web Search.

Email Marketing

We began collecting emails so that Wright Way could start connecting with their customers through simple newsletters through Mail Chimp.

Getting the Old Out

Wright Way had some services going for SEO/lead generation that were not paying off in terms of ROI. We monitored what was working and what wasn’t and invested the money in higher-end SEO services and website reformatting.

So, what has changed?

It wasn’t overnight (let’s face it, nothing is) but Wright Way’s professional new website and increased presence started bringing in clients. Wright Way still gets most of their clients through word of mouth, however, the clients who come through online now are able to get a clearer idea of who they are through noticing the effort they have put into their website. They have also seen a huge boost in their number of reviews on Yelp and Google!


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