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Onlypult: Instagram Scheduling Tool (Really!)

The main tools I use for social media scheduling, Hootsuite and Buffer, both announced an Instagram scheduling tool in 2016.

“Great!” I thought. I’m a big fan of making things efficient by scheduling as much as possible ahead of time.

However, when I looked into it more, I realized that the tool Hootsuite and Buffer were both rolling out was not an official scheduler – not quite.

What their tool offered was more of a post planner – the user is supposed to select a picture for their Instagram post, add text, and then set a time for it to go out.

But that’s where the convenience ended.

Instead of the post actually going out, it would send you a reminder when it was time to post – so you’d get a notification that it was time to post, and then you would have to finish the process of posting when you got the notification.

Wah wah.

Not exactly what I had in mind when I saw “Instagram Scheduling.”

Yes, posting the picture when you get a reminder seems easy, but when there are a million things going on during the day, sometimes those notifications get lost among the, ah, other notifications.

I began my search for a new scheduling tool, and a colleague told me about Onlypult.

Onlypult actually lets you schedule posts in advance. ACTUALLY schedule your Instagram. Yes. You set it up, upload the photo, type out some hashtags, schedule it and then it goes out.

This is PERFECT for me. I manage several of my own accounts (one for my personal businesses/brand, and one for my sleep apnea awareness project.

On top of both of those things, I post to Instagram for a number of clients each month via my Instagram add-on package.

It’s pretty easy to do – here’s a quick video on it.




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