Your Existing Connections Are Your Best Social Media Resource

It’s a new year. Resolution time. People are ready for growth.

You’re consistent with your posting, but you want to grow your audience.

But where to start?

I tell clients that the best place to start is with the people that they already know.

Why? Because they are the ones that will be willing to connect with you right away. They are also the ones who are the most likely to invite friends to your page and share what you are doing.

But how can you get people that you know to connect and interact with you online?

Tell them!

It sounds oversimplified, but so often people have not told any existing clients about their online pages and profiles.

I have created two different documents (one for service based businesses and one for businesses with a physical location) with a list of things to do to let your people know where you are.

Click here to download the document:  5 Things You MUST Do to Make Your Basic Social Media Package More Successful (For Service Based Businesses)

Click here to down to download the document: Five Things You MUST Do To Make Your Basic Social Media Package More Successful (For Businesses with Physical Locations)

If you’re looking to grow your presence in 2017, these lists are absolutely the place to start (as well as staying uber-consistent with posting relevant content).

Many businesses get discouraged when social media isn’t “working” – but have failed to start by making the connection with their existing clients, the audience that is right in front of them.

Social media does not HAVE to be complicated – to make it work for your business, you have to start with the basics and grow from there.

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