Facebook vs Google+ for Small Businesses?

Which Social Media Sites Are Best for Small Businesses?

With over 75% of adults using social media on a regular basis, small businesses across the country are finding great opportunities to find new customers online. But with all of the different social networking sites out there, which ones should you focus on?

We breakdown the down Facebook vs Google+ so you can prioritize your business’s social media marketing campaign.

#1 – Facebook

Facebook social sharing website

Facebook is by far the most popular social media service on the internet with around 3/4 of Americans using it on a regular basis. Facebook is particularly great for small businesses who are looking to advertise and target local users. Especially now that they launched their new Local Awareness Ads feature to their advertising platform.

Facebook Is Great For:

  • Businesses that host events
  • Targeting local users and specific pages
  • Engaging with current and prospective customers
  • Integrating social sharing features onto your website

Facebook Stats & User Information:

  • 65% of users go on Facebook daily
  • Has the highest percentage of senior citizen users at almost 50%
  • 40% of users use Facebook as a check-in service for local businesses
  • More than 75% of women in the United States have a Facebook account

#2 – Google Plus

Google Plus social media search giant

While it’s no Facebook, Google Plus’s SEO value alone puts it at #2 on the list. Google Plus’s popularity is partially due to the surge of local businesses that merged from Google Local, creating Google My Business. So with Google putting more and more resources into their social media platform, it’s a good idea for small businesses to do the same.

Google+ Is Great For:

  • Creating/updating your listing on Google Maps and local search results
  • Getting customer reviews to show up in search results
  • Businesses that host local events
  • Targeting local users and businesses

Google+ Stats & User Information:

  • 15% of smartphone users say they use Google Plus for local information
  • Around the same amount of local business check-ins as Foursquare
  • Google’s search results are personalized for signed-in users

The small businesses that take the time to optimize and create content for their core social media sites (or hire us to do it), will have a unique advantage over their local competitors.

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